Our Family (Wellington Boots)

Choose from a variety of wellington boot colours and sizes to create a design for your family (including pets).


Please include the following information for each family member in the box to the left titled 'Information for your picture':

- Adult names (i.e Mummy, Daddy etc)

- Child Name(s) & age(s)

- Boot colour for each family member (pink, blue, grey, lilac)

- Pet names, female or male and type (i.e dog, cat etc)

The price includes up to 8 names.

Available in two sizes 16"x12" and 20"x16".

Our 'Wellington Boot' Family...

  • Please contact us if you have any questions about this item.

  • Your picture will arrive in a luxury mount and backboard packaged in a plastic sleeve, the dimensions given are the exact measurement of the frame size that you would need. The frame is not included.