A stunning personalised watercolour design featuring your beloved family dog. Freestanding wooden block size 15x15cm. Gloss finish.


Please feel free to send a copy of your dog's photo to me via e-mail once you have completed your order so that the markings on your pet can be matched as closely as possible (the e-mail address to send the photos to will be at the bottom of your order confirmation, please include your order number).


The current breeds available are:


- Westie
- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
- Staffordshire Bull terrier
- Labrador (Black, Blond and Chocolate)
- Australian Shepherd
- Dachshund
- Pug
- French Bulldog
- Chihuahua
- English Bulldog
- Welsh Corgi
- Pomeranian
- Norwich Terrier
- Poodle
- Cocker Spaniel
- Jack Russel
- Cockapoo
- Beagle
- Border Collie
- Dalmation
- German Shepherd
- Great Dane
- Greyhound



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